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Amazing cat: “Smooth catwalk with my bodyguard...”

Because I'm a star ⭐ and I know it... “Smooth and steady.” “Purrfect pet and animal: best friends.” 👍

Cute kitten falling asleep at the gym 💤 💤

“Let me rub and kiss that chubby tummy...sweet lil'thing.” 😍 “This is me at work every Monday morning.“ “That round fluffy belly.” “When I wanna bring you to exercise but you sleep.” “Me whenever my husband asks if I want to do something sporty.” “When you need to do yoga but you watch series instead and fall asleep.” 😂

Cute cats • “Don't move Bro, you're my fav pillow.”

“Aww...So much LoOovVvvEeee❤️” ”Me on bae during our ♥ honeymoon.” “This is all I want with my life. To be a kitten and nap. Is that so much to ask for?” “Sister and Brother >> happy cat family.” “Looks like exactly when I slept on you! So cute nap.” “Snuggling + cuddles: purrfect cat LOVE 💕.” “Nawww we need to get two kitties.” “Oh my…this is insanely cute.” [Video]

Funny cat...chine gun. Pew! Pew! Pew! • The ultimate weapon to kill cat haters! 😾

“Attack and retreat: well done kitty.” “Very patient kitty. My cat will kill me if I tried that, hahaha!” “More like the cutest weapon.” “Yes, this is the only weapon people should use”❤️ 

Hilarious rules for your cat, hahaha! 😂

OK, your cat can go... wherever it wants... whenever it wants! 😹