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Amazing cat • When Mama cat decides to take a family photo 🎥

“OK, there, now I’ve put you ALL IN A ROW . Do. Not. Move.” “3…2..1…say Cheese!” 😄 “Cats are such wonderful mothers. Every little boy or girl should experience the magic of a busy Queen and her little school of babies.” [h/t video: 1Voice1Life]

Funny stalking cat attacks his human!

“That awkward moment you realize your cat is plotting to kill you!” “Never turn your head on Ninja cat!” “My cat does that to me so many times.” “I think all cat got this hunting instinct of attacking when prey is not looking.” “This is why cats are the best and funniest adorable predators.”

Crazy cats • Puurkour Team in action, they're flying!

“Boing…Boing…Boing, catch me if you can!” “The great escape! F*ck the Police!” [h/t: sydsauce]

Cute kittens • Funny fight between 2 colorpoint ball of fluff 😻 😻

 Adorable 'little monsters'  💕 Cuteness overload [Video @B R I T I V A N A]

It's weighing time for kitty!

“ How much I weigh today?  WHAAAT? 👀