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Cute Cat • NEW Affectionate 💕 cat breed ► The “KOALACAT”

“Sooooo sweet Kitty, very loving breed.” “Don't leave me, I love you and I can change...” “When you have to go for a run but bae…” “Me when I don’t want you to leave Monday morning.” [Video @cutecatonline]

Funny cat mesmerized by Mom's Halloween makeup 🙀

“ Halp . Mom went crazy, she thinks she's a big cat...” “Cute BLEP reaction” 😄

Funny Cats • 4 Oriental shorthair: “Hi Mom, we’ve been expecting you.”

“They all just hangout together, so cute.” “What a wonderful family of shorthair cats. The black one…” “It makes my day, big ass smile on my face because these boys are too handsome and patient.” “So funny ears.” 😂 [Video @hobbikats]

Funny cat FAIL • BOiNG! Pink ball landing on kitten nose! 😊

Just a playful kitten who forgot how to cat.😝 [Video: stsuallstar]

Hmmm... Halloween time is coming...

...and scary black cats are already there! 👀