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Funny cat • “Even if I don't fit, I'll keep try to sit!” 😸

Determination pays off 👍 “Yeah, Never give up!“ “Nice lounging spot.” “My cat would try and fail to get into this cos her tum is too big, haha!”  “Very spooky.” “Cats amaze me at the things they do! 😂 So funny.” “Hmmm... Reasons we didn't carve pumpkins this year.” [Video @harunosuke_meow]

Cute kitten • “Let me outa here human, my paws don’t stick!”

“I am getting out of here…sooner or later.” “Me, just trying to get outta bed every morning, haha.” “Desperate kitty is desperate.” 😿 “Me, yesterday trying to find my husband at the airport.” ✈ [Video @raleighkittensa]

Funny Halloween pumpink dancing on sleepy cat

“Wake up! Wake up Kitty, It's Halloween!” “And not a single f*ck was given that day.” “Please leave me alone, my head is NOT a dancing floor!” [Video @Luna_the_super_kitten

Funny kittens • Suddenly...2 startled kitties (funny fast reflexes)

“Scaring my two cats by blowing: run, run…kitties, haha.” [Video: Mica E.]

Funny and weird cat • 'Nose' cat is just a nose 😄

“I'm invisible, here no one can see me...” “Peekaboo! Whose there? Could there be a kitty back there? 😻 “Good to know cats also have a sense of humor! “How funny and cute nose BOOP.” [Video @Xiaoxiaoq]