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Sleepy Mama cat hugging (hard) her cute baby...

... and kitty gently biting Mom's face. “So cute they will make your heart explode.” 💔 “Hug me, Hug me, pleeeaaaseee.” “Oh Mom you love me so hard and let me bite your face!”

Cute kitty with bow tie doing the catwall on couch like a Top model

“On the prowl, you coming?” “Look at that tail rise. Look at that unflinching stare. A true predator.” “Ohmygosh! How stinking cute right.” “She’s got some short legs, but that doesn’t take away her cuteness.” [Video @katieandfrankie] 

Amazing cat and Meerkat chilling together like old friends 👀

“Pets and animals are really Pawesome & some interspecies friendships just incredible.” “Cat belly is the best pillow for lazy Meerkat.” “They are so exhausted, hahaha.” 😂 “WHAT? I'm a Meerkat and my friend is a Meercat => (meer)kat + cat .” “We're living in purrfect harmony. What else?”

Cute kitten: “I ♥ love you my sweet Teddy, do you understand?”

“Oh nooo, not on the mouth, stop it please kitty, we are in public!” “Humans, don’t judge us we are in love…” 💕 Teddy: “Sorry kitty, I’m indifferent to your suffering.” [Video: crazy cats]

💖 Awww...Cutest Halloween Witch kitty ever 💖

“Adorable fluff Halloween ball.” “OMG, so tiny kitty.” 💋 “Cutie, say bye bye to the camera with you lil paw.” “My heart literally is exploding 💔 I'm dyiiiiing!” “Seriously, the cutest kitty with hat I’ve ever seen.”  😻 “I will keep this adorableness in my memory furrever.” “Haters gonna hate the tiny witch hat” 😂 [Video @family_colin]   🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃