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Funny kitten trying to play 'Angry bird' Game, like a kid 😊

Adorable, clever and playful kitty, isn’t it? “Hmmm...interesting.” 👀 [Video: Grindrer4Ever]

Funny cat • Look, some cats are so agile and graceful, haha 😂

“Damned, It was a trap, you’ll pay for this, naughty human!” “I don’t always sit in big boxes, but when I do, I fits.” “When the catnip is just a little stronger than your cat expected!” “Carl you're drunk, one more time!” “OK kitty see ya later.” 😛

Funny! NEW cat breed: The “Squirrel kitty” (cute & playful)

“Gonna make a new cat bed with my old suitcase.” “Omgosh, YES! Turn your back, Boo! *ATTAAACK!** “yep, the little Munchkin kitty looks like a little squirrel when it runs. Sooo cute.” “Purrsuit mode activated!” 😸 [Video @mo_harutan]

Two funny cats • It's 'Patty-cake time' (serious cat job)

“Haha, wat u doing, cats? I don’t understand kitties, sometimes they get a little bit nervous.” “Purrfect Infinite loop.” “I think that the right one is FAT & purrious, hehe.” 😄 “Never give up!”

Hmmm...Grumpy cat is not happy!

“Don't make me angry, human, you would not like me when I'm angry.” “So, don't mess with him...” “Ugly funny faces.” 😜