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Super agile cat climbing up - at full speed - the ladder onto the roof! 👀

“Come at me kitty...” 😃 “So are we installing shingles?” 😺 “So brave, so agile, so cat.” 👍 “Tell me when this cat can enter Ninja warriors or titans?”

Ninja cat attack! By the time you see him…

…it’s too late, you’re already dead! “This is gonna me when I’m out of school officially!” “Holy cow, he’s flying! It’s a bird, no it’s a plane, no it’s super kitty.” “Not gonna lie, this is better than most action movies!” “Fluff Airlines” “Sneak attack: you never see it coming!” “Come at me bro!” [Video @m_n_choi_ ]

Weird & funny cat 'swimming' on floor with hind legs 😂 haha

“Me trying to reach my goals in my poor life...” “It’s like he’s playing air hockey with his hind legs haha.” “My effort and progression on preparing exam.” “Is that a floor dancing or what?” “Haha I have no idea what he’s doing, but he’s so adorable.” [Video @catloverclub] 

Weird cat with short legs sticking his tongue out...

“Human, are you fuck*ng kidding me?” “Creepy kitty, that wasn’t suppose to happen.” “Arrogant cat is arrogant.”

Amazing TWO-faced cat with sky blue eyes 💙 💙

“Wow that’s awesome color combo.” “Impressive cat: black, grey, blue and white.” “This kitty is magical.” 😍 “He looks like...the phantom of the opera!” “Seriously one of the most gorgeous kitty I saw.” [Video @amazingnarnia]