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Happy cat kneading the air because she knows she's pregnant! 😻

“Here we watch an adorable pregnant cat getting an ultrasound in the most wholesome way possible...” “Kneading the air...WHATEVER” 💗 “Please, tell me how many kitties I have?” “OMG, such a cool and calm kitty.” “Mama cat looks well relaxed.” 👌 “Those little paws moving mean she loves it.”

Sleepy kitten having a nightmare & twitching HARD!

“So cute, so sweet, so adorable sleepy kitty.” “Those lill tappy toes.” 😭 “The struggle is real. Nightmares?” “Bae at the pool, doing the back crawl, haha.” 😋 “Adorably cute!” “Dancing kitty is dancing....” “He looks like a gorgeous Gemling!” [video @Kate]

Flexible cat squeezing under furniture: proof that cats are liquid!

“Liquid...and they can fit in anywhere, dude!” “Because they're boneless, dude!” 😊 “Mom, with me no dust bunnies under there...” “I'm invisible!" • "Nope idiot, we can your fluffy tail, haha.” “OK, and now could the kitty get outta there?“ 😽 “Just because sometimes you just need to be alone!”

Cute kitten • Kitty face being brushed with a...tooth brush

“Look at this little scruff head.” “This is so cute. I love that the tooth brush spans the entire length from one ear to the other: good idea.” “This little kitty is R-E-A-L-L-Y enjoying their pampering session.” “Scruffy baby, millions of hearts 💕“ [Video @kitty_fostering_oz]

“Who are you big cat? What do you expect?”

“Come at me brothers.” “Open the window and let's talk about Jesus...”