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Mama's doing a great job helping her kitten to jump & keeping her safe

“The moment baby cat jumped Mama cat knew her baby is bad at math.“ 😌 “Mommy, look! I did it all by myself!” “Well done, cats are more aware of dangers than humans and have keen reflexes!”

Hilarious ‘Puss in socks’ trying to do a catwalk 😅

“Shake that booty!” “walk.exe has stopped working” “That’s my husband when he gets home from work.” “Get it off! Get it off, SOB!” “Damned, the struggle is real.” 😊 [Video:]

Funny cat • Crazy Ninja cat in action 👀

“Catch me if you can, hahaha!”😸 “Seems totally improvised, but an excellent move!” 👍 “Extreme Purrkour.” “You dare challenge me.” “Fast & Purrious.” “Mode 'Attack-Retreat' activated.”

Majestic Maine Coon cat with red laser 💥 eyes 💥

In slow motion it's more amazing... “Fluff in the wind.” “SO PROUD...”

Quiet *BLEP* cattitude and suddenly...

“Tornado siren?! Cat reacts to emergency warning alert system!” “Funny & cute Burmese kitty.” 💛 “WTF is that?! I better go hide. Where is it? Is it safe?” “Forgot to put the tongue back in!” [Video: Cute Burmese Cat]