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Cute cat: “Anytime you need a friend, I’ll be here my little bird.” 🐦

“How cute and cuddly. Best friends come in all breeds and sizes.” “This cat is so sweet and gentle, he loves to gently pet the little innocent bird.” “He loves to gently pet the lil birdie.” 💕

Funny cat reaction • “Noooooooo, don't shake my hind legs!”

“When Mom wakes me up on Monday morning!” “Wake up lazy girl, you’re late” | “Dammit, I said five more minutes!” “I think you broke your kitty, cat-exe has sopped working!” “Looks like me trying to figure out if there’s a big black spider on me somewhere.”

Angelic tiny kitty refuses to leave his owner's pocket 💖

“Life is so dangerous, I found a purrfect save pace.” “So shy and cute kitty, I love him so much.” “This is my FORT, where no one can see me.” “Cutest hide and seek.” “Cute ‘Pocket kitty’ is living in his pocket.” [Video: Daily]

Mama cat adopted 3 orphaned hedgehogs (cute maternal instinct)

“How cute and cuddly. Maternal instinct comes in all shapes, sizes and colors .” 👍 “This cat is so sweet and gentle.” “GOT MILK?” 😛 “Maternal instinct is so stronger than breeds.” 💕

Pawsome cat • Sneak cat attack? You'll never see it coming!

“Never underestimate the power of a cat...” “SURPRISE, It's me! Get outta here b*tch, that’s my place!” 😼 “Cats are so faaaast and flexiiiible!” 👀