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Funny playful kitten attacks Mom's finger and... 😂

“HAALP me hooman, now I'm stuck, OK I have made a huge mistake!” “kitty.exe has stopped working.” “Clumsy kitten forgot how to cat.” “Kitty is super flexible because he's boneless!” 😋

Cute standing cat 💗 trying to catch his new (fast) toy

You might fail kitty, but you will never give up and finally you will catch it! “Poor kitty, at least he tried...”

Spider cat, spider cat does whatever a spider cat does 😸

Poor curtains. RIP + 😖 “That’s why we can’t have beautiful curtains with a crazy cat. or plants. or a couch. Little monsters, haha.” 😁 “Who needs spider pig when we have spider cat?” “Impawssible Meowssion?  Nope, he can do it, because acrobat cat!” “You rock little black cat. House Panthers rule, okay.

Crazy cat • When it's REALLY time to feed your hungry cat!

“‘Ariel’, you naughty girl, don't eat mommy's hams.” “Those love 💕 bites are the best.” “She knows exactly where to bite, hehe.” “This is so what my cat does to me under the blankets in the cover of darkness so no one can see how nasty she is.” “I'm so ticklish, I wouldn't be able to let that happen.” 😂 “Yummy Mommy filet.” “I think she hates these leggings, probably they look like snake for her, haha.” [Video @ariel.caracat]

Derpy cat turns in circles...

...and in both directions! 👀