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Cute Cat GIF • “Please please please me” 💕

Please cat says: “Please, please, please...” “I would never be able to say 'NO!' to this cute cat.” “Begging cat standing up, so funny and cute. Don't give up, sooner or later... “ “Feed her-him, (s)he’s so hungry, (s)he’s dying…” [Video: catloverclub@facebook]

Funny angry cat in autumn fall leaves: “They are mine!” 😾

Owner: “Our 'Merlin' is the Maddest little baby in the room...” The look of “I’m going to f*ck you up if you get any closer!” 😂 “Don't touch my precious leaves or a I'll cut you!” “I seriously want a Ragdoll cat that looks just like him, haha so angry, funny and cute with those blue eyes!” [Video @merlinragdoll]

Funny Cat • When your cat favorite ice cream flavor is Chocolate. “No...No...It's wet cat food!” 🍦

“OWNED! I was going to say: that kinda looks like chocolate ice cream.” “That tongue, that eye contact.” “It's not chocolate ice cream...but it looks like it till she starts licking it.” “Yes, that's a funny and good idea, because chocolate is dangerous and healthy for cats.” “I wanna play this trick on my husband, haha.” “I love this! The slow mo is so satisfying.” “That looks delicious, enjoy kitty.” [Video @sophielovestuna]

♫ ♪ Disco challenge >> CATurday night fever ♪♫

 Purple singer vs. Pink singer! The struggle is real.

Funny Kitten • Shy kitty closed the door (like a human), he was so scared

“OMG hooman, I see what you did there.” 👀 “He closed the door behind him! I wish my cats would do that.” “I Don't Want To See You Anymore, OK?!” “Our little monsters are acting like us, they're evolving.” 👍 [Video: funnycats]