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Funny Kitten • Ferocious fluff ball tries to intimidate Dad 😄

“Cute Kitten doing the CRAB walk!” “OK this is one of the cutest Kitty cats I’ve ever seen!” “Look at that big fluff tail.” “Such a cute furry little kitten.” “Looks like he’s doing a stealth mission. Solid Snake 2.0.” “OMG, get one of these little sass machines!” [Video @mo_harutan]

Funny shameless cat lying on another cat 😂

“Let me clean you up…what….HEY!” “WHAT? What’s your problem, dude?” “!” 🐦 “Move your big butt, Carl! I can't breathe, seriously dude…Not funny!” [Video: RM Videos @Youtube]

Cute kitty in heaven, he loves belly rubs with a sweet toothbrush

“Mom, you found the sweet spot of my little heart 💓” “Kitty biscuits anyone?” “What a great idea. I'll have to get a soft toothbrush and try this with my kitty.” “Oh my heart how bloody cute!” “Thank you for this air biscuit goodness. I had a stressful day.”  💜 look at its little twitching hind legs!” 🐾 [Video @fostercatsandkittens]

Curious cat tries to get into a hanging paper bag but...

“Wait, I can do it, Oooh sh*****t!” “Wait for it, bag explosion!”💥 “For sure, this curiosity was going to end in CATastrophe.” 😁 “Clearly this was a suicide!” [Video: zawakoz]

Blondie and her white cat going to the beach together

Well, it was a bad decision... 👩 “DO NOT WANT!!!” 😾