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Affectionate kitten found a purrfect bed & pillow for her nap 😸

“Legit how we used to wake up together.” “Quite possibly one of the cutest things ever! A new level of cuteness. It just melts my butter I’m telling ya.” “Mom is a sweet carpet, so 'Carpet diem '” (seize the day) 😆 “Holy f*ck off how friggin' pawesome is this! So cute, they’re killin' me!”

Hmmm...Only one fish for 10 cats on a boat!

“Mine…Mine…Mine!, the struggle is real, haha” “Poor kitties, feed them they’re so hungry.”

Poor scared kitten can see ghosts through the door! 👻 👻 👻

OMG, a ghost tries to enter the room, look at the door handle that moves!!! “OK, he's innocent but...he senses danger.” “Save yourself kitty, run, run away!” “Oh My Ghost !” 😋

Kitten is cute, clever, determined and brave!

“Kitty, why do it the simple way, if you can do it complicated?”😂 “Ha Ha This is pure cat logic.” “Yayyyy, you go Baby! 🐾🐾 Great job 👏 “Small and brave kitten!” “Adventure time. The kitten reached it's goal.” “So smart kitty (I need that litter box with the filter at the entrance-exit)”

“Don’t leave me, Human, keep petting, I love you.”

“Need this guy in my life 💘” “Hold me now, warm my heart, Stay with me, let loving start 🎶” “I’m in a bad mood and I’m not about to let you make it worse, keep petting.” “No No No…you can’t leave me!” [Video: 215525726 @TikTok]