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OH MY... Amazing 36 black cats with flashing eyes in the Xmas 🎄 tree 2021! 👀

Purrfect Christmas ornaments for Crazy Cat Ladie s 😹

Mode 'Cat domination' activated: “First the Xmas tree, then the...World!” 😼

This is why cat lovers can't have nice things. 😒 [Video @TheBossManCam]

Funny lazy cat sleeping on top of store’s ice cream freezer 😲

“This funny kitty has found the purrfect napping spot to beat the summer heat, and It doesn’t even move when the sliding glass door is opened/closed by a customer!” “Sorry customer, here CATurday is a lazy day.” “Sorry Human: *Zer0 fucks given* when it’s nap time...” 💤💤 [Video: catstage]

Possessive Bengal cat chilling in 'his' Xmas tree

“Nope, don't touch my tree!” “Showing his human who is the Boss!” “Possessive cat is possessive: MINE!” [Video: victoriakyniv2 @TikTok]

Acrobat cat trying to reach the top of Christmas tree :/

“Oh my gosh! And I thought mine were bad with the tree, haha. I can't wait to see what my kitty thinks of the Christmas tree when I go home!” 😓 [Video @lathropleahFarg]

Cute Sphynx kitty playing *HARD* with a big Christmas ball 😺

“Just putting up the Xmas tree. Mini 'Krampus' is way too excited!” [Video @hairlesscatco]