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'Maru' is the new Santa cat... 😻 Handsome boy

“Look at my long white beard, now I'm an old man cat” “OK, I'm ready to deliver beautiful presents to good kitties in town.” [Video: mugumogu@YouTube]

When your cat really hates Xmas and his Santa hat!

“Damned, why is it suddenly so dark in here?” “HALP, I'm blind!” [Video @Alonso Gtzt]

Funny and cute Santa cat & Elf cat bobbing their heads in sync

“OMG ❤ I'm melting, how they're cute!” [Video @my_furry_babies]

Gorgeous Bengal Cat, very proud with his new Santa hat

“Girls, I'm FA-BU-LOUS, isn't it?!” “Mini Santa TIGER!”

When your black cat says: “Nope, I don't like being Santa paws!“

The little tip toe walk! 😄 “'Tingeling', you need some black boots to protect your paws.” “Hahaha poor little thing.” “Happy advent cutie.” ❤️ “What kind of weird catwalk is that?” 😁 “Help me, how to get out of that heavy costume?” [Video @tussetroll_and_tingeling]

Meanwhile, a cute white Santa cat eats with chopsticks

“Well, I was very hungry, so fork or chopsticks, it's OK.” “Adorable 💕 white and red kitty.” “Beautiful red Santa hat with a funny white pom pom.” “Meanwhile in Japan ...” [Video @cccat123]