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Cute and cool kitten enjoys her bath in a funy way 💕

“Looks like Gizmo from the movie 'Gremlins'.“ “Very cute like a baby koala ” 🐨 “The frequency of baths will depend on your Persian's fur. A Persian cat will begin to look greasy as it becomes dirtier and mats will increase quickly if the cat is not bathed. A clean Persian's coat is not greasy and will not appear separated. An owner can either bathe their Persian themselves or take it to a professional groomer. However, the type of bath and the products used are important so if you opt to use a groomer make sure you know what products are being used.” “How cute, patient and sweet 💙 Persian kitty.” “Waterproof baby is waterproof.” 💦 [Video @persiancatslove]

Hey, do you want an (expensive) ‘American curl cat’ for free? 😋

“C'mon kitty, show us your new trick.” “OK, Done!” “His ears are inside out, how funny but embarrassing!” “Yep, that's a Magic cat trick.” 👋 Real American Curl cat with funny ears.

Xmas kitty totally misunderstood how to wear his Santa hat! 😁

“Kittyyyyyyy, watcha doin? Are you drunk or what?” 👀 “No, no, not drunk Mom, I'm just breaking YOUR rules.” 😸 [Video @sophia_george_paddy]

“Yes my furriends, 'this' happened yesterday! Clumsy Xmas kitty >> GAME OVER! 😞

“And of course he walked away like nothing had happened, haha, littel monsters!“ 😹 “Christmas is a crazy time for cats.” “Mode 'Destruction' activated. Well done spider cat.” [Video @chichi_theblackcat]

Santa paws is agile, jumping on couch like a Ninja, hehe

“So, WHAT now?” “Haha, seriously 'Chlo', I'm sorry but you're too funny with your costume.” 😂 [Video @Steph]

Hmmm...Weird Santa cat doesn't move anymore 👀

“This is what happens when your naughty cat repeatedly knocks over the Christmas tree: SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!” 😂 “santa.exe has stopped working.” 💥 [Video @kimchicannoli]