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OMG! How Xmas feeds for (rich) crazy cat ladies ► Huge disaster! 😲

“Absolutely furbulous! I won't let my five kittens (all rescues) watch this GIF because it might give them some ideas!” 😳 “Avoid holiday destruction. Treat them too this season, with 'Temptations'®” “Mwahahahaha! 😂 Well done, good job kitties, Haters gonna hate!” 😋 “Total CATastrophe! That poor Xmas tree? Dead! RIP+” “Bigger Xmas MESS ever!” 😂 [Video: commercial by temptationsbrand]

HO HO HO 🎅 🎅 Two cute Santa kitties for the price of one

“Are you ready Bro, now It's time to go because good kitties need our presents.” “Purrfect! This year Santa cat has little Bro with him, who gonna help for Xmas gifts.” 👌 [Video: CatssWorld]

Funny Cat • When the traction control is off on hind legs, haha 😂

“When your crazy cat thinks she’s Beyoncé at Coachella.” 💥 “This cool cat has better dance moves than us.” 👍 “How to dance the MaCATrena.” “Best Summer dance”. “Well, I think your cat is broken, you must adopt a new one.” 😄 “Shakira (cat) butt shaking.” [Video: welovecats]

3 Xmas Cat • Hmmm... Reindeer cat gets in trouble with his hat 😾

“What the heck dude, you look so nervous, keep calm!” “Funny and cute kitties, good job.” “Than you, I’ve been waiting for you to purrfectly dress up your 3 amazing kitties.” “Get it off! Get it Off! I told you I hate Xmas time and reindeer!” [Video @ty_henri Harwell]

Christmas Cat 🎅 “BLARGH I'm dead!” Dramatic cat playing dead in his Santa costume

“Well, it's funny but he looks unhappy so when that outfit comes off, It's gonna be Santa 'CLAWS' haha!” (and he knows where you sleep) “This poor cat is sick of all this human Xmas sh*t, haha!” 😼 [Video: Kyoot Animals]

“Hey you!” Santa cat, are you dead or sleeping?

“WHAT?“ “Nothing, nothing, it's OK, so good nap.”