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Cute kitten gently playing with flocked Xmas 🎄 tree

“This made my day!! Soooo adorable fluff ball.” “Hope a wonderful Christmas to all kitties.” “Baby, you can play with flocked tree but don't chew or eat it because it can be toxic, OK?” [Video @fluffy_nerfs]

“Moooom, don't leave me, feed me I'm so hungry...”

“It’s okay my kitty, I understand, so we go directly to the kitchen...” “It’s okay my kitty, come with me, I’ll carry you around everywhere I go.” “That‘s what I mean when I say I‘m clingy.” 😂 “Same with my kitten, they're so snuzzy.” 💟 [Video via TikTok] 

Cutest fluffy Elf cat: “Just a lil nap before I deliver this Xmas present 🎁”

“OK 'Eric', I'm waiting for your gift. We don’t have a chimney though so we’ll leave the back door unlocked.” 👧 “Aww sweetie you’re the cutest El cat ever, you look so gorgeous, so  adorable, so relaxed and chilled, have a Merry Xmas,  I love you, sending trillion hugs and million kisses, Muah 💗 Muah.” “OMG you're the cutest Xmas cat ever and you can nap as long as you need.” “You are a heartbreaker, beautiful boy!” “Never mind the present, I want YOU, fabulous floof kitty.” “You look so beautiful ‘Eric’ with your Elf hat, enjoy your nap, sweetie.” [Video @eric_an_ollie_]

“Hey cat lovers, what do think of my new mini Xmas hat?”

It's purrfect, you look very pretty and cute... “Yes girls, right Meow...I'm sexy and I know it.” “You're a pretty girl with a cute pink nose, but where are your...ears?” “I'm a 'Scottish fold' kitty, that's why...” 😺 [Video @claus_cucumber]

Funny 'Oreo' in a Xmas box, with his new red bow tie. Purrfect Christmas present 🎁 for cat lovers.

“Mom, am I the cutest Xmas present?” “Yes of course, and you're very elegant as well, with a touch of class.” [Video @The Oreo Cat]

Fluffy cat loves to look beautiful for Christmas time 😍

“My cat is an absolute angel ♥” “Momma only dreams I'm this well behaved for grooming!” [Video @mariah_magnolia]