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Hmmm... Overconfidence. “OMG Bro, this is going to end in disaster and...

Image have no one to blame but yourself” “Don't do it Carl, you're on your 9th Life.” “If I found my cat at the top of the tree I would go insaneeee!!!” “Dude, we know you're a spider cat but STOP messing with that Xmas tree, he's innocent.” “This will definitely happen when you have a real tree.“  “LMAO, I was confused, at the start I was thinking it was a pet squirrel climbing the tree.“ “By the look on the one in the forefront he’s thinking 'Oh Oh Oh, he’s in trouble now!'” [Video @patrickcatson]

“Kittyyyy, what are you doing?” • “This doesn't concern you, walk away!”

“Sooner or later I will end your ugly Xmas decoration in the backyard, I hate them!” “As you can see: cats always land on their feet.” “No more light? Wait, I'm going to fix that Xmas sh*t.” 😼 “C'mon kitty, try again an again, don't give up, you can do it.” [Video @toonscat]

When your clever cat purrfectly knows that the red Xmas gift 🎁 is FOR HiM!

“Giiiime, it's Miiiine!“ “Don't mess with me, Human, I deserve it!” [Video: MAKO0MAKO0]

Mmmmm Yum Yum... 'Kenshin' having fun 💕 When the Xmas snack is delicious...

...and makes your cat (and his feet) very happy! 😄 “Me after Xmas dinner but still hungry for more.” “So funny and cute! Those fluffy feet.” [Video @kitty.chloeykenshin]

Curious cat wants to discover all Xmas gifts 🎁 “Where is my present?“

“I hope Santa cat got you what you wished for this year? And if not, there's always next year.” “Yep, because I'm a very good cat!” 😸 [Video @coconutpandas]

Cinemagraph • Beautiful and proud 'blinking light' cat

“My cat 'Milo' is feeling the Xmas feeling.” “Don't laugh at me, doing nothing is pretty exhausting.” “'Zen Mode' activated.” [Picture @sjaanmiensnowymilo]