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'Minnie' the MeerCat • When the delivery guy drops the package off...

...but you want to make sure he’s gone before you grab! 👀 “OMG ‘Minnie’ is so damn 💕 cute and hilarious.” “She has more balance on two feet than I do.” 👍 “Love you 'Minnie', you make my smile every time.” “How cute is this!?” 💖 “Your beautiful and tall ‘Minnie’. You crack me up.” 😂 “'Minnie', how do you stand so straight? The purrfect Meerkat attitude.” “Let me tell you a story 'bout 'Minnie' the cutest Meerkat... 🎶” “Standing pretty.” [Video @munchkin_minnie]

Crazy Xmas gift! Funny cat overwhelmed by hot wheels race track 😂

“Hahaha, poor cat, he's so confused, the car runs too fast for him. Made my day.” “Gonna catch that fuck*ng car! (OK, I can't 😿 ) [Video: RM Videos]

Cats love Xmas and beautiful Xmas trees they said...

Hmmm...cats love to play IN Xmas trees and destroy them! 😹 “Ooohh shiiit! I'm sorry hoomans, I'm not jerk, just so clumsy, anyway Christmas time is over, so...” 😂 [Video @luis_miguel_braga]

'Smoothie' unwrapping and playing with her Xmas present 💕

“Cute little fluffy beauty! She looks so happy with her gift.” “Amazing how cats keep themselves amused.” “And then promptly ignore the wrapping for her new toy.” “Hmmm....I’m guessing there is some CATnip in that new toy!” 😺 “GOTCHA! My red present!” [Video @smoothiethecat]

When you check your bank balance after Christmas (Bae 👧 striked again!)

“OMG, I'm completely BROKE!” 😖

OMG! Playful cat knocked down the Xmas tree!🎄

“Humans, your Xmas tree is f* king ugly, must die!”. “Poor tree, the game is over, see you next year.” 😒 “Mooooom, did you see? Your fuck*ng Xmas tree tried to kill me!” 😿 [Video: mazoliakitty]