Affectionate cat πŸ’• vs. indifferent kid, the struggle is real!

Cute Cat GIF • Affectionate cat and jerk kid. 'Show me your LOVE little hooman and stop ignoring me!' []
“Hey, show me your LOVE πŸ’ž  little hooman and stop ignoring me!”
“Hmmm... Am I not purring LOUD ENOUGH for you or what?” 😼
“And that cat is huge, imagine how loud the purr will be!”
“My cat is also an 'aggressive' snuggler.”
“When bae is REALLY horny. HELP!” πŸ˜‚
“Sometimes my girlfriend is like the cat. OK, I don't have a girlfriend, hahaha!” πŸ˜‹
“Purrfect example of a one-sided relationship.” πŸ’”
“Must be the catnip shampoo?!”
“That naughty kid doesn't deserve such cute and affectionate kitty...”
[Video via Waggle TV]
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