Funny penguin cat on fridge, spying on neighbor's cat πŸ‘€

Funny Cat GIF • Penguin cat standing up on top of the fridge spying on neighbors! []
“And at first glance I thought she was a Meerkat.” πŸ˜‚
“Munchkin Minnie, you're hilarious and so cute.”
“But how did she get up there?”
“Meercat senses danger in the backyard.”
“So cute kitty. She could probably teach a camouflage lesson about how to blend in in South ❄ Pole.”
“Trying to figure out is this the light at the end of the 'TUNNEL' that I heard so much about. 😜 If so, they have to know I have 8 more lives.” 🐱
“Good idea, this is how I must spy on my *hot* πŸ‘© neighbor when Bae is not at home, hahaha!” πŸ˜‚
“Yep, at first glance I thought she was a Penguin.”
[Video @munchkin_minnie]
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