When your cat is a purrfect soccer ⚽ goalkeeper!

Amazing Cat GIF • When your fast kitty is a pawesome goalkeeper stopping penalty kicks easily [ok-cats-gifs.com]
“WOAH! Super fast and purrious goalie stopping penalty kicks easily!”
“This clever Kitty is an awesome goalkeeper. He deserves the FIFA 'Ballon d’or'.
“That is pawesome. My cat does the same thing but with smaller balls. Just get any standard napkin, roll it into the smallest possible ball, and have fun with your cat. I got like 20 of these rolling around the house, hehe.”
“Is your cat just naturally hyper? My cat is so lazy. All he does is sleep! If I throw a ball at him, he would just stare at it and go back to…sleep . “Zzzz…Zzzz…” is his fav sport, hahaha what a shame!”
[Video: jamuomii @YouTube]
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