Crazy boneless cat doing its Yoga in the strangest position 👀

Amazing Cat GIF • Weird boneless cat doing his Yoga and relaxing in the strangest position haha“Yoga cat is flexible!” []
“Yep, don’t know which yoga position this is, but wish I could contort my body like this funny kitty.”
“WUT? It’s super comfy…”
“Is your cat broken? Cuz that’s what it looks like, haha.” 😁
“OK homan, when u’ll stop laughing so loud would u please gimme treats? Guess I deserve it!”
“This is how bae looks when she does her daily stretches.”
“The look is like: “…and WHAT?” 😼
“cat.exe has encountered a problem and stopped working.”
“Your cat is totally DRUNK, that’s why.”
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