Fresh milk? Look at this amazing farm kitty suckling from cow's udder

Weird Cat GIF • Farm cat drinks fresh milk from his friend the cow. Mother Nature works in amazing ways []
“So amazing and cute but also kinda weird at the same time.”
“Cats are drawn to the smell of milk, they don’t know they shouldn’t drink it! Farm cats eat mice and other animals. Fresh warm milk does not seem to bother some cats!”
“I have heard that fresh milk many cats are OK! It’s after it’s pasteurize that causes many of the problems.”
“Sometimes, Mother Nature works in mysterious ways.”
“haha both funny and crazy in equal measure.”
“Milk is fine for cats. My 12 year old cat drinks milk every day of her life and is so healthy.I’ve checked with vets and apparently only some cats (like some humans) are intolerant of milk. My cat has never had diahorrea a day in her life either.”
[Video @bontorofarm]
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