Mission: Impawssible? NO! Mission: pawssible (for Calico female) πŸ‘

Scary Cat GIF • OMG, agile Calico female walking on a very dangerous fence  [ok-cats.com]
Amazing catwalk! 🐾🐾  Cats have a precise method of walking called ‘direct registering’. Their hind paws fall inside the place of their forepaws! πŸ‘
“I think it's: 'Mission: (im)PURRssible!'” 😸
“She's is more agile and more brave than...Tom Cruise!” 😁
“Doesn't even have to look down. Just looks ahead and calculates all leg movements in advance.”
“OMG! That is a very unfriendly and dangerous fence.”
“Feline concentration >> Cats are so pawsome!!!” 😍

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