Desperate kitten 😿 “Meoooow! Help me humans, I'm trapped. Where is my Mom?”

Cute Cat GIF • Adorable kitten trapped in a big box is crying. 'Meow... help me, I'm stuck!' []
“OMG, this kitty is so adorable I'm gonna cry.” 😭
“If they could stay this small id havehundreds!!!” πŸ’•
“Temper temper little one...”
“That’s not temper. That’s  >> Where’s my beloved mommy?”
“Hey you out there I’m stuck how do I get out HEY SOMEONE can you hear me?”
“Meooow! I what my bottle now!"
"I am Kitty, hear me roar, and I will not be ignored, I may be tiny but I'm mighty, give me more!”
“Beyond adorable! That little face peering out.”
“Maybe (s)he just wants to be cuddled?”
“Soooo sweet, I so want to pick up the lil kiddo.” 😍
[Video @kitty_fostering_oz]
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