WHiTE Ninja 💥 Rooster chasing innocent BLACK cat!

Funny Cat GIF • White Ninja Rooster chasing innocent black cat. "Outta my territory!" [ok-cats.com]
“Outta mah territory!”
“‘Puff’, my  white rooster gets jealous if cats come near by us. Here is the gentle ‘Blacko’ being chased by ‘Puff’, the Kung Fu Rooster!” 💪
“Haha! I have a beautiful rooster named ‘Samson’ and he goes around chasing neighbor cats all the time.”
“Wait, you should feed your cat with some fresh chick so that it knows the good taste of chick and the next time, this jerk rooster gonna be…digested, hahaha!” 😂
[Video: poopapi @YouTube]
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