AUGUST 8 is a PURRfect day for Cat lovers: 'International Cat Day' all around the World 😻

August 8 is 'International CAT Day' in all countries around the World. Check out how to say 'MEOW' in 40 different languages.
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HAPPY 'INTERNATIONAL CAT DAY' to cats and kittens on the earth. Happy cats meowing in 40 different languages.

'International Cat Day' is a celebration which takes place on 8 August of every year. It was created in 2002. It is a (HAPPY) day to raise awareness for cats and kittens and learn about ways to help, protect and love πŸ’— them.

Things you can do today πŸ‘
• adopt a cat or a kitten
• Volunteer at your shelter
• Donate items for cats to the shelter 
• Get your cat a microchip ID
• Buy your cat a new funny toy
• Feed your cat with a large portion of its favorite wet food (or fresh shrimps).
• Pet your cat with tenderness (purrr...)

And don't forget that scientists say that snuggling, hugging, and cuddling with your CAT is good for your health and well-being, too! So, LOVE YOUR CAT(s) without limits during 'International Cat Day' on August 8, 2022 πŸ’• 😺

What greater gift than the love of a cat?” (Charles Dickens)
[Picture created by Vernessa Himmler]

INTERNATIONAL CAT DAY • Cats Know That Everyday Is International Day!
😼 Hmmm....are you kidding us?
Cats Know That Everyday
Is International Cat Day!” πŸ˜‚