“Don't cry Dad, she left you but I'm still here with you and I love you πŸ’ž Purrrr...

Cute cat GIF • affectionate kitty cuddling man crying. Don't cry Dad I love ♥ you... [ok-cats.com]
“Awww... and now I'm crying 😭. This is so tender and sweet.”
“Oh my goodness, such a cute and affectionate kitty.” πŸ’“
“Ohhh so tender. This melted my heart!.” πŸ’”
“Cats have this innate inner thing for knowing when we are sick or sad.” πŸ‘
“What a sweet kitty: a little angel.” πŸ’— πŸ’›
“Cats can be so affectionate.! They are very clever and don't show love to everyone but just to only who DESERVE it!” 😻
[Video: Tik Tok]
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