HaHaHa! 😂 When your presumptuous cat tries to intimidate the NEW neighbor's cat but...

Crazy Cat GIF • Black cat running on hind legs trying to intimidate another cat but he gives zero f*cks, haha [ok-cats.com]
...unfortunately he gives zero f*cks! 👎
Orange cat: “What da heck u doin silly cat?”
Black cat: “I'mma just walk over there and make a new friend”
“Funniest catattack ever.”
“Hey you, why are you approaching me like that? I'm married!”
“I died when I saw that crazy cat running so faaast on two legs.” 💨
“Get outta my personal backyard!”
“Hi pretty girl, you're welcome! My name is Carl and I'm the fastest cat alive!" 😹
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