Good samaritans rescue 2 kittens hanging on power line 🙀

Amazing Cat GIF • Good Samaritans rescues 2 kittens hanging on power line []
"Suddenly, we came across a bunch of 4 kittens stuck in a power pole and howling for help. Immediately, the whole company rallied to help save the cats. We brought mattresses and pillows from the whole company and we interpreted Elbad in the air by chance and fell. We made a bucket with a stick found and we began to lure them in his direction."
It was not that high, so trowing them and be ready with a bucket to catch them + a small mattress... et voilà! Purrfectly done.” 👍
“But HOW did they get there?!”
“They probably climbed up the nearby pole and got stuck on the wires trying to find a way back down.”
“Amazing catch.” 👍
“Hang in there babies!”
“And 10 mins later they are back there again, hahaha little monsters!”
[Video: ViralHog]
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