“Human, what have we done with our lives?” “Nothing kitty, but we both LOVE πŸ’• each other and that's the most important thing!”

Cute cat GIF • Human and his cat meditating on a bench. It's a beautiful and sweet friendship [ok-cats.com]
“Yep human, you're right: PURRRRR.” 😻
So cute! For sure, they're are in love πŸ’™+πŸ’› and both of them are meditating, like a father and his kid.
“I love them, this scene is so sweet.”
“OMG, It’s so beautiful and now I'm crying...” πŸ˜ͺ
“Looks like a beautiful  ❤️ love or friendship.”
“I can't believe! So sweetyy.”
“That's the cute cat I'd like.”
“It reminds me of a scene in 'Forest Gump'.” πŸ‘
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