Check out 2 Halloween black batcats πŸ¦‡ πŸ¦‡ So funny and playful kitties

Halloween Black Cat • Two scary black batcats running. So funny and playful kitties []
OMG, the real batCats πŸ¦‡ are in the city!
“They are so cute with their black wings” πŸ’ž
“Purrfect! But not sure how my two crazy kitties would do with batwings, they already "fly" around the house without them, haha!” πŸ˜‚

Cute BatKitty
BatKitty is cute πŸ’› but ferocious πŸ’₯

Funny Cat GIF • Amazing black batcat with large wings πŸ¦‡ doing a purrfect cat walk
BatCat family ► the father...

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