Cinemagraph • 'Hamilton' the famous hipster cat has an amazing new hairstyle 😁 👍

Art Cat GIF •  'Hamilton ' the famous white meowstache cat has an amazing new hairstyle like a pretty woman []
Very long hair (in the wind) like his human Mom! 👧
“Purrfect. I wish I had hair like that. ”😹
“They're evolving and faster than humans: mustache + long hair at the same time, haha!” 😂
“I'm sexy and I know it.” 💥
“Thinking it's time someone brings the Fabio look back...”
[video @hamilton_the_hipster_cat]

Art Cat GIF • Famous Albert Baby Cat proudly wearing his new Wig Funny and weird
“Seriously hoomans, look what you made us
do, we're not girls, we're... BOYs!”
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