Weeee! Funny 'Maru' with head in a tiny box playing on... his swing! 😂

Funny Cat GIF • Funny Maru with head stuck in a tiny box, playing on... his swing! [ok-cats.com]
“Maru, my dearest cat on the Internet has aged a lot this recent years (15+), but the thing that has never changed is his playful nature. I wish you stay healthy and lovely as always. We love you.” 💕
“But how funny and cute is that famous cat.” 💓
“Maru, you are such a goof.” 😂
“Maru the Minion.” 💛💙❤️
“Maru is the best but such a weirdo.” 😂
“Yep, Maru is seriously the best 💪  I’ve been following him since 2008!”
[Video: mugumogu @YouTube]
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