Curious kitty gets startled by scary Halloween clown!

Halloween Cat GIF • Curious kitty gets startled by scary clown Halloween! Curiosity launched the poor cat []
OMG, cats are just made of compressed springs! πŸ’₯
“Curiosity launched the cat.” πŸš€
“Don't worry, rumor has it he safely landed at the space station” πŸ‘
“Aww poor cat I'd av fuking jumped as well lol” πŸ˜‚
“Wait for iiiiiiiiiiit!”
“And this is why I have a bed frame that sits directly on the floor (with no space between the bed frame and the floor for monsters to hide under).” πŸ‘§
“Is it bad I laughed so hard I cried? But really, he is a cute kitty!” 😁
“I knew what was going to happen and I still flinched!”
[Video: via Peaches]

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