Hilarious! 😹 100 cats & kittens sitting everywhere and anywhere!

Hilarious Cat GIF • Famous Cat MEME ► 'IF iT FiTS, I SITs!' 100+ funny Cats & kittens! [ok-cats.com]

Of course, every cat lover purrfectly know that our cat and kitties can SIT everywhere and anywhere! 😁

And there is a MEME to illustrate this undeniable fact ► "If It Fits, I Sits" is one of the MOST Famous Cat MEME on the Internet! 😂

The grammatically incorrect phrase “If it fits, I sits” stems from a wordplay on the slogan “If It Fits, It Ships” adopted by the U.S. parcel service United States Postal Service for its holiday advertising campaign in 2009.

Since the broadcast of the TV commercial, the slogan became occasionally used as the title for photo threads showing cats and kittens snugly resting in cardboard boxes.

The earliest known instance of the image macro series was posted on the 'ICanHasCheezburger' blog on October 10th, 2011. It featured a photograph of a CAT resting and lying inside an egg carton, with the caption reading “If it fits… I sits.

Hundreds of similarly humorous 😁 cat macros soon followed thereafter on the most popular social networking services, many of which were presented as examples of “Cat Logic,” 😸 a related 'LOLcat' concept that pokes fun at the lazy, crazy and mischievous behaviors of our domestic cats.

►We think that the real MEME must be only about cats SiTTiNG (in or on everything and anything) but not about cats 'lying' or 'sleeping' in things. NOPE! 😾

That's why our NEW animated GIF only shows 100+ funny and cute cats and kitties who are seated ('... I SITS') everywhere and anywhere... BECAUSE CATS! 👍
     NB. Please note that all credited/uncredited photos used for the creation of this new animated cat GIF remain property of their respective creators or owners and we do NOT claim copyright or ownership of any of these pictures. 😉

Funny Cat in his carboard box • ''If it fits, I sits' (hahaha!)
 Purrfect “I it fits, I sits.” 👌

'If it fits I sits.' • Me too...
Me to...

WHAT? If WE fits? WE sits!
WHAT? If WE fits, WE sits!
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