Halloween Cat GIF • 'Maru' discovers that the green & pink skull covered with 'Chupa chups' is an empty box. So... 😸

Halloween Cat GIF • Green & pink skull with treats (Chupa Chups) and funny Maru's reaction [ok-cats.com]
Trick or treat? For Maru, sister and brother ► 50 skull' Chupa Chups' Lollipops, strawberry-lime flavor!!! 😸  😻  😺
“You could see his mind being blown when he realized there was an inside!” 🙀
“What? The inside is empty, hmmm.. not for long!” 😼
“I love Chupa Chups 😄 Super tasty. Have a awesome spooky.”
“Any container opens and Maru's first instinct is to gauge how much space there is.”
“But the skull wasn't big enough for Maru's fluffy bum.” 😁
“Maru discovers that the skull has a mind of its own.”
“Of course he tries to sit inside the skull!” 😋
“The scary skull tried to eat Maru! Fortunately, our Maru is too chubby to get eaten by the skull.”
“Only Maru would think: Empty skull? I better crawl inside.”
“HAPPY HALLOWEEN MARU (and your cat family and humans), you're still the best cat on the Internet.” 💕
[video: mugumogu @YouTube]
 🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 
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