Funny 'Maru' finally completely proved that cats are LiQUiD! 👏

Funny Cat GIF • 'Maru' finally completely proved that cats are LiQUiD! Such a funny and flexible cat []
“Yes, this Maru GIF should go viral. This is one of his best!” 🏆
“Famous Maru is over 15 years old (since May 24, 2022) but always young,  cute, playful, flexible and funny!” 👌
“Awww, how incredible this... Very funny and flexible beautifully cat isn't, hmm!” 💖
“Maru, the king of all cats o, the Internet since so many years!”
“Thank you Maru for bringing us all so much laughter and joy over the years.” 💛
“Maru has comically purrfected becoming liquid!”
“Maru is a master level shape shifter!”
“Even when he is being silly, Maru is a cat of immense dignity. Thank you for 15+ years of joy!” 💕
“Thank you Maru for making the world smile.” 👧👦
“Maru's brilliant impression of a goldfish.”
“Maru Makes Me Giggle.” 😂
“Even though Maru is 15, he's still very much a big kitten, hehe!” 💋
[Video: mugumogu @YouTube]
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