The Horrible Haunted Road! 🙀 But 'Maru' is brave and cool, not scared of a haunting, no, no....

Halloween Cat GIF • Cool Maru in the horrible Haunted raod, not scared of a haunting []
“After all of the decorating, Maru ultimately sits down in the middle of Halloween Road, ready for his video. I laughed so hard. He knows what we want!” 😺
“I love your humor and your wit, and your beautiful anf funny Maru!”
“Only the BESTcat  owner would spend time and money making those things to make their lives more fun just for one day. Your creativity never ends, congrats.” 👏
“Maru was not scared at all!  He is used to Mom's wacky shenanigans.   Very cute and  Halloweeny. ”
“Maru knows how to pose in front of camera. 😁 He sat in the middle of the set, like a King. Maru rules wherever he is.”
“Maru is such a cool cat,  even in the haunted road! Thank you for giving us so much fun and cuteness.” 💕
“Maru: Where’s the food? Candy corn fish?” 😼
“What? No orange Halloween boxes for me? Maru asks...”
“Maru knew that was the great spot to take pictures and videos. Superstar Maru was coming.” 👏
“You have decorated more inside, for the Kitties, than my whole neighborhood has done outside for everyone.” 👌
“ Nobody can haunt cats because ghosts 👻 themselves are afraid of cats!” 😁
[Video: mugumogu @YouTube]
 🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 
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