“I say a little prayer for you forever and ever, you'll stay in my 💓 heart and I will love 💕 you ”

Funny Cat GIF • Chubby cat sitting on bed like human doing a little prayer for wet food [ok-cats.com]
“When the wet-food coma kicks in. He prays to the god of wet-food!” 💞
“When you're begging Mom to stay in bed in a Monday morning.” 👧
"Cats? First they steal our 💔 heart, then they steal our bed!”
“Fat Buddha cat is back!” 😀
“Thank you cat GOD for my mom and dad, for my nice and comfy bed, for a human cleaning cat box, for birds to watch outside the window, for tuna, for my lovely cans of food, for shrimp, for turkey, for chicken, for cheeseburgers, for tacos, for ice creams and... watermelon. And if I left out any foods please don't be sad or angry, but I'm full or sleepy.” 😺
[Video @cwyoung88]
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