Cute πŸ’“ 'Tootie bunface' wishes you a 'MERRY CHRISTMAS'' (she got a fabulous Apple present πŸ’»)

Merry Xmas Cat GIF • Cute 'Tootie bunface' wishes you a 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' []
“Happy holidays everyone! Hope you have a lovely Xmas day, stay safe and enjoy some good food!”⠀
😻 Tootie bunface:
“. what did Santa get me?
. doing an investigate (in the bag)
. a... Macbook Purrr?!?
. come to mew!
. so excite!!!
. Santa knows who been a gud girl
. it me”

“Haha, a Macbook Purr instead of Pro = purrfect for kitties!” πŸ‘Œ
“You deserves it sweety, enjoy!” πŸ’ž
[Video @tootie_bunface]

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