Xmas cat GIF • Grumpy 'Leo' 🦁 is decorated with colorful Christmas Xmas balls, and he's not happy! 😼

Christmas Cat GIF • Grumpy 'Leo' is decorated with colorful Christmas and he is not happy [ok-cats.com]
“Hmmm... 😾 OK guys, have fun, but whoever decided to decorate me like a ginger Christmas tree is now on the Meowfia Boss naughty list!”
“Hahaha, I totally agree with you, Leo! Merry Christmas, sweetheart!” 💕
“Oh my gosh, that is hilarious, cute, and oh so festive! ”😄
“You make a nice an fluffy Christmas tree Leo. Merry Xmas!”
 “Hahaha! Not the Christmas surprise he was hoping.”
“ You look very Christmasy and cute. Merry Christmas!”
“From the bottom of my heart, Merry Christmas to you 🦁 your family and your loved ones!”
“That's one way to make sure our kitties don't climb trees, make them the Xmas tree.”
[Video @thezenkitty]

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