Xmas cat GIF • Funny MARU 😸 is practicing a Christmas prank, hiding in a big 🎁 Xmas gift box, hehe 😽

Christmas Cat GIF • Maru is practicing Xmas pranks, hiding in a big gift xmas box [ok-cats.com]
“I love Maru, always young and playful! Aka Mr Boxes”
“Roll for the Great Maru.” 🥁
“Boo! Sneak attack coming soon from that mysterious box, wait for it...” 💥
“WHAT? A new BOX? If I fit in it, I hide in it!”😹

Christmas cat • 'Maru' is the new Santa cat. Look at his long white beard [ok-cats.com]
Last Year...
[Video: mugumogu @YouTube]

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