Xmas cat GIF • OMG, poor cat!!! He's so SAD, he's crying 😿 No Xmas tree πŸŽ„ for him this year...

Christmas Cat GIF • OMG, poor cat, he's so SAD, he's crying... No Xmas tree for him this year [ok-cats.com]
“Moooom, look how sad I am right now >>  *wink* *wink*” 😿
“Cruel humans, you ruined my Xmas fun!” πŸ™€
“Poor baby. Dramatic! Let him play with the beautiful Christmas ornaments!”
“Those eyes... The look at the end. 'Was I doing something bad?'”
“He is so sad! Why won’t you let him knock the πŸŽ„ tree over, haha! You monsters!” πŸ˜‹
“Genuine ginger cat chaos.” πŸ’₯
“He looks so so sad. I do not like the cone of shame. Why must you deny him joy?”
“Please take that plastic sh*t down immediately and let it play with the tree.”
“Those “Why you do this to me?” eyes.”
“Those “How dare you?” eyes.”
“Human Mom, why do you keep me from all my best things?”
“Aww bless him. He has such a sad face.”😿
“Naughty Hooman, Look What You've Done to Me!” 😾
“Give that poor kitty his own lil Christmas πŸŽ„ tree RIGHT MEOW!”
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πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ… πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„
πŸŽ… πŸŽ„ πŸŽ…
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