Xmas cat GIF • Famous 'Beautiful Willow' with her new outfit πŸŽ… Oh noes, don't be Grinchy! πŸ’š

Christmas Cat GIF • Willow with her new outfit. Don't be the Grinch, beautiful cat! [ok-cats.com]
“Oh my! She is so cute! Love her outfit! Half Santa  half Grinch...”
“Willow, with all the joy you bring to people, you could never steal Xmas.” πŸ’•
“Awee willow in the Christmas spirit! .”
“Cute nose looking like heart.” πŸ’“
“Willow, you have that special glow in this video. you are beautiful girl.”
[Video: willowthebeautifulcat @TikTok]

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Willow, the famous beautiful cat
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