Xmas Cat GIF • 'Yves' aka Santa 🎅 paws likes to lick salmon flavored candy cane 😻

Christmas Cat GIF • 'Yves' aka Santa paws likes salmon flavored candy cane [ok-cats.com]
He is such a goooooood boy!  💝
“So cute how you had him put on the Santa hat.” 
“The cane  is in plastic and there is a liquid snack inside for cats, he is licking off it.”
“Merry Catmas and happy Holiday sweetie.”  
“Yves looks so in love with you.” 💕
“Omg, I hope this is the Santa that comes to my house.”
“He looks so in love with you. I love the amount of trust you and Yves have in each other.”
“Wow, what an incredible little beauty. He's so calm, nice and polite.”
[Video @yves_the_cat]
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