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Cute Kittens • 2 fluffy kitties on their perch 💕

Winter kittens love fresh air and snow... “At the end: 'Hey bro, I'm not an armrest!'” 😼

Epic cat FAiL! 😂 Hunting cat hangs from bird feeder...

 “This time my fluffy got a little too ambitious. He decided to try to stand on the bird feeder. Quickly he discovered that it wasn’t stable and well you can see what happens!” “HAAAALP! I regret that silly decision, I swear I love ♥ birds and I've made a huge mistake!” [Video: Gilbert from Minnesota, USA]

Amazing cat • Gorgeous Maine Coon cat loves winter & falling snow

“Beautiful and quiet cat, those ear tufts, I'm in 💖 love.” [Video @mainecoonqueens]

Crazy Cat 💥 OMG! Hungry Chuck Norris cat wildly jumps through a snowbank!

“Plume the (Ninja) cat bursts through a wall of snow after his owner put a dish of his favourite grub out and calls the famishing feline.” 👀 BOOM! THiS iS SPARTAAA!!! [Video: Ann Got @YouTube]